Solar data monitoring and control systems can be can be complex, challenging and difficult.

Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG) removes the complexity, overcomes the challenges and simplifies the difficulties through our passion for innovation and dedication to excellence.


Singularly focused

Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG) is a team of innovative solar professionals focused on one thing…. solar control and data systems.

Providing the best solution

We are a team of passionate people seeking to provide the very best possible monitoring, control and SCADA solutions to the entire renewable energy industry.
Company News

Dear friends, These are indeed different times than what we have known in the recent past. But different does not necessarily mean worse or better or any other synonym. It means the old way of building and managing solar PV systems may be behind us, but that also opens the doors to opportunities for those

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Last week, Susan and I had made the drive from Charlotte to Nashville, TN to join in with 650 other entrepreneurs to participate in Ramsey Solution’s annual event known as EntreLeadership Mastery Series (ELMS for short.) I had attended the 2018 event but made the mistake of not including my business partner (and wife) in

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One of the great things about working in the young and dynamic solar PV industry, is seeing the innovations that are created to solve some very perplexing challenges. There are some really smart minds out there dreaming and working on tomorrows systems that will be easier to build, more resilient and built for the long

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